Our passion:

Enable you to create the workspace you need, for your unique business

Launched in 2017, Framelink is a fast growing cloud plaftform used in many different business sectors to bring teams together. We built it to connect your team for sharing data, tasks and video-conferencing.
Business owners We believe small business owners can create and maintain their own IT systems. They can define and use the exact data they need – no more no less. Using that data, team members can execute tasks like sending Emails or SMS, without any configuration – whenever it makes sense Framelink will show up a menu for that task execution.
Business Consultants Non-technical Business Consultants are now able to deliverer a working system to their customers. Consultants can take advantage of FrameLink's flexibility to progressively adjust to their customer's needs.

Getting things done with business data

Sharing data securely with the team.
Sending personalised Emails and SMS.
Sending reports, documents and videos.

Connect the people you need to get the job done

Defining access permissions to team members.
Starting video conferences with a single click.