Adjust it to (all) your needs.

Tired of rigid CRMs or other systems that don't work your way? With Framelink you create the exact solution you need. Doesn't matter if you call it CRM or anything else. It has fully customizable dashboards to instantly show your data your way.

What's the difference to canned solutions?

  • Most canned solutions (such as CRMs) were created in favor of the convenience of majority – "one size fits all". They cannot adjust to your unique operation style, team and inner processes. With FrameLink you can do it: simple, no more no less than what you need.
  • Some CRMs support customization for lead related tables. What about an All-In-One solution with Projects, Payments, Expenses, Courses and others? How do you deal with business changes? Adjust or extend your FrameLink solution on the go.

How can I adjust FrameLink? →

Your All-In-One Solution, exactly the way you want it to be.