Flexibility for the incubation activity.

As a manager of an incubation organization you know how difficult it is to be restricted by a "one-size-fits all" management solution. You need the freedom to adapt to new challenges. More than evaluating submissions, promote and follow Startup/Mentor and Investor/Mentor meetings, collecting fees and followup payment meetings there are many more activities you may want to launch without being blocked by your information system limitations.

What if you need to attract new investors and share with them information of the startups they are investings? FrameLink let you do what needs to be done, your own way and change or extend your management system in any way you need.

A few examples:

  • Let your Mentors give you free slots at any time with a click of a button. Mentors can add new slots or change their minds for existing slots, all in real time and always in the right season.
  • Let your startups choose their meetings with any of the available Mentors for the season blocking the meeting schedule of the mentor and sending reminders to Startup and Mentors.
  • Let you Mentors have an always updated agenda with all the meetings for the current season.
  • Let you Sartup have an always updated list of unpaid invoices.
  • ...

FrameLink will strengthen your relationship with Mentors and Investor while sharing all relevant information with your team.

Managing your incubation eco-system the easiest way, while being able to adjust at any time.