A cloud-based platform for data process management and customer communication management. Improve data accuracy and increse productivity across your business, customers and partners.

Remove manual tasks and improve customer communication manangement

Anyone can use FrameLInk intuitive drag and drop interface to build the perfect business process management platform that evolves with your business.

Designed for non-techies so you have the power to create and update your business processes as you business needs change.

Quickly transform to a remote business model
  • Cloud-based platform

  • Team digital workspace providing accessx to latest company information

  • Out of the box email funcionality. No need for APIs.

Create personalised email workflows including tailored responses and insights
  • Personalized messages at scale

  • Emails, SMS and WhatsApp

  • Data insights

Consistent communications using the most up-to-date company messaging
  • Centrally updated templates

  • Latest company messaging

  • Consistent customer experience

One source to access the latest updates from customers and/or partners
  • Secure, user permissioned access

  • Integrate with existing apps

  • Easy import and export of data

Overview dashboards tailored for different users to highlight the information most important for their role
  • Role based access

  • Remove distraction, providing summaries of key information

  • Easy drill down for more information

Easily send personalized emails to capture project progress and report updates to customers
  • Automate project progress capture

  • Send customised progress updates