The business process and customer communication management platform for small businesses.

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Eliminate frustrating spreadsheets and increase productivity by creating your own business management solution within minutes.

One platform to organise your business, your way - automate and centralise your data, projects, CRM workflow, emails, SMS and IM, events and payments to remove costly errors and regain control of your data.

Designed for non-techies, no expertise required

FrameLink is designed for small businesses to take complete control of their data, business process and customer communication management. No need to hire experts for development, business process mapping or training. Create a solution 100% tailored to your unique business requirements.

Customer communication management and a consistent customer experience

Easily send personalised emails, SMS and WhatsApp to many contacts

Gain insights on how recipients engage with your communications

Increase productivity when working from home or the office

Cloud-based access to the latest data

Secure permission based access for your customers and partners

Access the latest information from anywhere

Smart data process management

Create a real-time connection with customers and partners so they can securely update their information

Remove risk of errors from manual updates

Ensure data accuracy for your business processes

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Why small businesses love FrameLink

"With FrameLink we were able to centralise all information from Startup Lisboa in an organised way. We can easily contact Startup Founders, Mentors and let them organise meetings with minimal effort from our side. It was easy to extend our solution to new areas such as applications and payments. Finally yet importantly, FrameLink's dashboards provide us with a big picture overview of several metrics and indicators without going into details"

Andre Costa

Startup Lisboa

What FrameLink users are achieving

Increased productivity

They have one platform to manage their data across the business. They reduced errors by removing manual data management, instantly sending personalized Emails and SMS and integrating responses automatically in the database. They have easy to understand at a glance dashboards with summaries of detailed data.

Remote working business model

They can access their system at any time, anywhere, any device. The have full control defining who can access their system and which permission they have to update data.

Easy to use platform

Unlike canned software where they had to adap to the software, the solution adapts to their needs, running their business in their own unique way. Fast learning curve as it is a solution built by the business that can be locked and used as a canned solution They are are adjusting their Framelink solution to their business needs at any time. So their business management platform evolves with their business in real time.

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We understand it can be overwhelming when choosing the right solutions for your business. How can you be sure it will deliver what you need? That's why we offer a FREE DEMO call where we listen to what you need and show you how FrameLink can help you achieve this.

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How FrameLink can help you

Business owners

Remove the stress of the day-to-day running of your business by creating smooth data-driven processes. No more manual data entry - whatever you need is just a click away.


A platform accessible from anywhere so you can easily manage your customers’ and partners’ information and communications on the move. Use FrameLink to create tailored solutions for your clients too and recommend with confidence.

Professional Services

You understand the needs of your business best – no need to hire expensive experts or techies who are unfamiliar with your business. Create the processes and communications your business needs within minutes.

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