Guide to FrameLink > Linking Tables

With FrameLink, you can create relationships between individual records. Interestingly, you can create those relationships while you are introducing your data - without leaving the current screen. The field interface corresponding to a "linked Field" is a pulldown menu where you can find any record and select it or introduce a new record in a table other than the current table.

If you need to define a new field in that other table, you simply follow the link by pressing the Zoom Lens at the right side of the field content, and then select the "Add Field" icon to define the new field and fill in the new content. No previous preparation is needed to perform these operations.

Linked records in action

First, we’ll show you what linked records look like and then show you how to create them. To define a structure to accept linked records, all you have to do is to define a Field Interface of type Linked Field. This is an field interface such Text or Numeric or any other. The properties of this particular interface are the table name to link (if any) and the content that you want to be displayed in the pulldown.