Free up your time with workflow automation/Digital process automation to focus on your business.

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Reduce time-consuming, manual business process admin. Designed for small businesses who need to deliver more with less.

Workflow automation to remove the stress of data management and create business value

Create a business management platform tailored 100% to your business’ unique needs today. As an agile, small business they want to move quickly and benefit from a continuous improvement way of working. The process of sharing data and data exchange (sending emails and SMS and receiving data) becomes normalized and the receiving data automatically updates the database. The team may work remotely using any device.

Reduce running costs across your business

Get consistency in your communications with the most up-to-date company information

Protect your data from prying eyes and disasters

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Why small businesses love FrameLink

"With FrameLink we were able to centralise all information from Startup Lisboa in an organised way. We can easily contact Startup Founders, Mentors and let them organise meetings with minimal effort from our side. It was easy to extend our solution to new areas such as applications and payments. Finally yet importantly, FrameLink's dashboards provide us with a big picture overview of several metrics and indicators without going into details"

Andre Costa

Startup Lisboa

What you can achieve with FrameLink

Create a business management platform tailored 100% to your business' unique needs today. Create a business management platform tailored 100% to your business' unique needs today.

Accessible anywhere whether working from home or the office

100% tailored to your business' unique needs

No need for intense training or to hire experts

Ready to use out of the box. No need for APIs

Send automated email and consistent customer communication management

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